Setting Up the Arduino

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To start working on the Arduino, of course you would have to set it up and its IDE(Integrated Development Environment or simply the software). Once you do that, you can straight away move on to projects. Lets get started!!


Arduino is basically an open source electronics platform used to build projects. It offers a variety of development boards as well as the software.

Some of the development boards are~

~Arduino Mini                ~Arduino UNO                          ~Arduino Mega


The software (Arduino IDE or Integrated Development Environment) looks like this~

We will deal with the Arduino UNO mainly. It is based on Atmel Atmega328P μc, with a 16 MH oscillator. It has 21 pins in total- 14 digital input output & 6 analog input pins (which may also be used as digital output pins).

~Setting it up~

  • Open the software (we will refer to it as IDE from now on) .
  • Go to tools ⇒ go to boards ⇒ select Arduino/Genuino UNO.
  • Go to tools ⇒ go to port ⇒ select Arduino on COM1/2/3 or /dev/ttyACM0 or whatever you may have.

Alright! Now you are ready and set for your very first project. Check out any of the following links :

Make sure to ask any queries in the comment section below.

Setting Up the Arduino
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