Light a CFL with a single AA Battery

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This is a very interesting project where you will light an old CFL using just a single AA battery. Really!

*Disclaimer : This deals with high voltage. Keep safety first. Do not touch any bare wires. You are solely responsible for any problems you cause to yourself*

The principle we will be using is that of a simple oscillator using feedback from a transformer coil. Alright lets get started!

What you need

You will need the following things for this project

  1. An old 8W CFL obviously(new one also works, if you don’t care about opening it for the sake of your project 😉 , thats what I did. Don’t worry there are more projects with CFLs. Check out the transistor project section. )
  2. A 9V centre tap step down transformer.
  3. A 2n3055 transistor
  4. A 1k resistor
  5. Some wires

What to do

  1. First, slowly open the CFL base without damaging it. You can carefully saw through it.
  2. You will see two wires coming out of the lamp to the circuit board. Cut them off.
  3. Now, wire the following circuit with the parts. Do not apply power supply first!!
  4. Double check the circuit. Now connect the AA battery. Viola! the CFL glows…
  5. Enjoy!

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Light a CFL with a single AA Battery

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