Getting Started with it all

You browse through web pages, facebook feed, instagram and suddenly a post with a somewhat complex robot look-alike thing catches your eye. Or maybe a jumbled up and tangled network of wires, electronic stuff and what not, balancing a cube perfectly, just perfectly! You read through that post, with blood pumping through your veins – the excitement – the thrill – to see a piece of technology perform a task impeccably.

You get up from your bed determined to do something different today, to get out of your formal programme of daily mundane life and do something new. To get your hands dirty and make something yourself.

But how do you actually get started? Which wall do you have to climb to just begin? Do you really have to climb a wall? Or is it just a layer of fog hiding the simple things?

Have confidence for you have arrived here.

Simple. Clear. Precise.

That’s all you will find here.

Alright, enough of poetry šŸ™‚ , so how do you begin with the world of DIY and electronics? For that, there is theĀ “Starters” menu. There are basics of about three to four fields that you can study and get your feet wet. This is very essential if you are ‘just starting out’. Instead of wasting your time scrambling here and there, better go through them.

The main part starts after the basics – the projects! The project board” menuĀ has projects under different sections – Arduino ; 8051 ; Transistors ; ICs ; DIY.

Of course, if you are already a maker, just go to the projects directly.

There. Build projects. Have fun. Satisfy the unquenchable thirst in your heart to exceed yourself.