Build a simple high voltage

spark generator

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This is a very interesting project where you can make huge sparks flying across (not that huge though 🙂 ). But anyhow, you can have fun with cool plasma discharging through the air.

*Disclaimer : This deals with very high voltage. Do not touch bare wires. Please take proper care of yourself before trying – rubber shoes, gloves etc. You are solely responsible for any problems that you might cause to yourself*

Let’s get started!

What you need

You are going to need the following

  1. A flyback transformer. This is the one black ‘thingy’ you get in old CRT televisions (see pic below). you can get one from any old TV garage or shop.
  2. A CFL (Any watt will work. Higher the watt, better the sparks).
  3. 2 strong copper wires about 10 cm long to see the cool sparks.

What to do

  1. First slowly open the CFL base without damaging it. You can carefully saw through it.
  2. You can see 2 or four wires connecting the lamp to the circuit board. Cut them off.
  3. Now wire the flyback transformer as per the below diagram.
  4. Then fix the two copper wires in a V shape on a plastic or fibre plank.

Power up the circuit, and Viola!! you got crazy sparks. You might need to properly align the V-shaped wires to see the best effect. Best part, if you properly align them, the sparks will climb the V !! cool right? Enjoy!

If you are done with this one you can check out the following

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Build a simple high voltage spark generator

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