Most of the transistor circuits that we are going to make will use a 5V power supply. Now, the cell that is usually available in the market is of 9V. So we somehow need to turn the 9V battery to give us a 5V supply. We are going to use the 7805 IC for that. It gives a fixed value of 5V from a range of 5-15V. The IC looks like this :

L7805 pin diagram

So what are we waiting for? Lets get started!! 🙂

~What you need~

  1. 7805 IC
  2. 2 Capacitors (Each 10µf)
  3. Breadboard
  4. Connecting wires
  5. 9v cell


~What to do~

  1. Connect 1st  pin of 7805 to the 9 volt battery.
  2. Connect 2nd  pin of 7805 to -ve terminal of the cell.                                                                                   circuit diagram
  3. Connect first capacitor between 1st pin of 7805 and 2nd pin .
  4. Connect second capacitor between 2nd pin and 3rd pin of 7805.
  5. Now you will get 5Volt between 2nd and 3rd pin with 3rd pin as +ve.
  6. Enjoy!!!!!!

the circuit in working!

~What Next~

You can then make a fixed one like the following once you completed soldering !

Check out the following links if you are done!

5V power supply using 7805IC
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