Getting Started with it all

How do you actually get started?
Which wall do you have to climb to just begin? Do you really have to climb a wall? Or is it just a layer of fog hiding the simple things?

What To Expect

“Microcontrollers” – sounds intimidating right? Actually, its not. Before we get our hands on some stuff, first we will get to know a little bit of the basic. Don’t worry, it is pretty simple, just stay with me.

The Catch 22 Situation

New to the maker community? You are at the right place! Already a hobbyist/maker? Get to know more! Here you can go through tutorials, starters, videos and build loads of projects in electronics and hardware.

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Collection of a few good projects that you will definitely enjoy working on. Check them out!

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Just Arrived : Build a simple Joule Thief

Build a simple Joule Thief

A Joule Thief is an awesome piece of circuit that will suck out all the remaining juice from your leftover and old AA batteries to do something worthwhile.

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Keep working! Needs a bit of improvement.


Awesome! Nice layout. Keep up the good work.


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